Pattaya International Fireworks Festival 2017 (CANCELLED)


Pattaya International Fireworks Festival 2017 (CANCELLED)

The latest information : Pattaya City announced that Pattaya Internation Firework Festival will be abolished for this year 2017

Annouced on 31 October 2017


Previous information : Pattaya International Firework Festival is one of the unique firework display which will compel you to take next flight for Thailand. Pattaya International Fireworks Festival is an international competition between several countries who battles out to display most synchronized firework, the Country who puts on best show is awarded champion.  This is an annual competition & this year is schedule to be held in  the month of November. For this year the festivals would be held on Nov 17-18, 2017.


The history behind this festival is to celebrate The Late King Bhumibil Adulyadej birthday and during his reign was the King of Thailand. Pattaya International Fireworks Festival is for two days where each country that is participating in the event gives a sample of their firework show on the first day and shows a full 45-minute performance the other day.

Earlier this renowned festival was funded by the government and the ministry of defense, it was supposed to be as a 2 year competition to honor their Royal Family back in 2009. Later on when the funding was removed the Thai team didn’t have the financial backing to compete more but since the event was popular the countries decided to continue to reap the financial benefits of holding a fireworks spectacular of this size enhancing the economy of Pattaya and Chonburi province.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Carry a camera to video shoot the exploding fire works just above your head to enjoy terrific and long extravaganza view.

  • Hire a motorbike or taxi as there will be no place to park your own vehicle and plan to leave early to witness the fire works .

  • Maintain a safe distance of at-least 1 km from display area for personal safety

  • If you planning to witness show from some bar, check for extra reservation charges

  • Do try thai street food, refreshing beverages of an alcoholic and non-alcoholic nature,Thai handicrafts,souvenirs, cool clothing, traditional ,Thai massages and just about anything else that you could possibly need or want to make the fireworks display even more enjoyable than it already is.

  • Enjoy Thai pop bands. Seats in those establishments will disappear fast, so once again get their early.

  • Do not attempt to drive your car to location instead go for taxi bike or go on foot as there will be no place to park.

  • Take care of your belongings

  • Do not carry your passport to the venue you may loose it

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