BSC Lingeries

BSC lingerie was launched in February 1999 by I.C.C. International Public Company Limited. The product range included bras, pants, camisole tops and sleepwear. These focus on a sexy design as well as being high fashion in terms of patterns, colors and style.

In 2005, BSC lingerie represented the concept of high fashion by using decorative colors and fashionable designs. Product Development in 2006 moved towards the luxury end of the market in terms of being very sexy and beautiful garments. Certain customers have stipulated top quality materials, such as Swarovski diamonds, to be included in their own ranges, for the self-confident and less price conscious market. In order to extend the product line, BSC developed the seamless bra in 2007. These bras are suitable for wearing under a t-shirt or vest, as well as being sexy, which is the core concept of BSC lingerie.