One of the most important annual festival for Chinese people is Moon Festival. This renown festive came from a story of a hero named ‘Hou Yi’.  Long time ago, there was a mysterious phenomenon that 10 suns rose up together at the same time, causing an incredible disaster everywhere in China. ‘Hou Yi’, whom archery was his forte, shot 9 of the suns down, left only 1 to continue shining. Without a doubt, people praised him as a King. Not so long after he had reigned the thrones, he became a horrible ruler with the whole power in his hands. His people wished nothing but to have him to stay alive for not very long.


One day, Hou Yi got elixir of life from Kunlun mountain. Chang’e, his wife, was terrified by the idea that his eternal life would result in further savage grief and loss. Therefore, Chang’e stole the elixir of life and drank it all by herself then uplifted to the moon to start the new immortal life. She became the Goddess of the moon.

This incident moved Chinese history to Tang dynasty, one night the King dreamt about the Goddess Chang’e. In his dream the Goddess Chang’e were dancing delightfully that once the King woke up he ordered his people to set up a huge event on a full moon day of the 8th lunar month to worship the Goddess of the moon and celebrate by gaining women from everywhere to dance in front of his throne. The moon celebration repeats on the same day every year afterwards.

Moreover,  there is another historical storytelling about the origin of mooncake which is the main offering in the Moon festival nowadays. Mooncake has its origin from the era of Yuan dynasty, a Mongol dynasty. At the time, the Chinese were suppressed by the Mongols. Day after day that they had suffered from great distress, their tolerance reached the end. They came up with a big plan to expel the Mongols by holding a Moon festival. The round-shape cake stuffed with secret letters written “Tonight at 9 o’clock, kill every Mongols!” was used to spread the news among the Chinese. When it came to the time, the big bells were rung, the civil war began, and finally, Chinese people were successful to salvage their beloved country.

Moon Worship Ceremony

Moon worship ceremony normally starts around 7 in the evening when the moon appears bright and full. The big table with various original Chinese desserts including many different fillings of mooncake and women’s accessories would be specially set by women as it is believed that women are relatable with beauty of the Goddess Chang’e. After the moon worship ceremony once done, all family members would share the mooncake, the dessert of unity, together while watching the radiant moon shining in the sky…