In Remembrance of Our Beloved King


In Remembrance of Our Beloved King

October 14, 2016, the whole Thai nation wept. The most shocking news, that no one did not want to hear, in 74 years since the assassination of King Rama IX, was officially announced - our Greatest King Bhumibol had passed. The next morning, in the black-wearing crowd, we saw those swollen eyes, the unique Thai smiles obviously disappeared.  This tremendous loss evoked unity among Thai people as they march towards the capital to see and say goodbye to His Majesty who slept peacefully in the royal coffin. The Royal Duties, the King’s moral sayings, also his old photographs were widely publicized on social media and broadcasting which led to overwhelming impression in general. Not only were Thai people deeply grateful for His Majesty’s divine grace, but also people all around the world as he was praised to be the King of all Kings.

Myself, as a member of Cape Dara family, would like to share some impressive stories about King Bhumibol. Although, I was not born when His Majesty was young that he could be able to make journeys throughout the country to make sure that his people lived well-off, I have heard about His Majesty’s stories since I was a kid from my grandmother. One of my favourite stories is that once when His Majesty went to a rural area to visit people as usual, there was a 90-year old woman arranged water-full buckets floated with jasmine (Thai style greeting)  to serve His Majesty’s followers. His Majesty, however, asked for a glass of water from the bucket. The old woman then answered him that it was rain-water, she was afraid that it was dirty. Anyway, His Majesty insisted to have the glass of water and he was appreciate for the pureness of rain-water and the scent of jasmine. Some people say, King is like a living God, but to us, Thai people, our King is a father figure who is a good role model of humble life. Therefore, there is no doubt that why we do love our King so much.

One more story which is worth sharing is about His Majesty’s high responsibility. His Majesty had worked all life even during he was hospitalized in his final years. At that time, His Majesty asked his personal assistance to set a working station with a country’s map in his ward so that if there was a good chance he would spent time to observe water level to make sure that we are nowhere nearly having flood or draught. His Majesty had never stopped working because he was always concerned about his people’s being. 

Yet, I work in Pattaya, Chonburi, there is also a significant story about His Majesty sailing skill. Sailing is one of his favourite sports. His Majesty once sailed across the ocean from Huahin to Sattahip in Chonburi which took 17 hours. Moreover, His Majesty joined Laemthong Games (SEA Games) and won the gold medal in International OK Sailing. During the games, His Majesty stayed at the Sailing Club Pattaya which, nowadays, situates at the beachfront, right opposite to Mike Shopping Mall. On top of that, His Majesty even built his own a sailboat named after as Super Mod which later got a copyright.

The most important memory about growing up is that we always had King Bhumibol. His Majesty was a significant father figure to Thai people. He played various roles of a caring king, a religious king, an artist, a musician, an athlete, a photographer and so many rolls more than words can describe. There was more than 4,000 projects initiated by His Majesty during his reign, but if you cannot imagine how many of them, just try to think about daily posting Facebook statuses for 12 years long. Despite his death has created distress, his great contributions and determination will be continuously passed from a generation to another generation according to his once interview “If they want to write about me in a good way, they should write how I do things that are useful.”